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Fachübersetzungen Deutsch–Englisch – die richtige (An)sprache für Ihre Kunden
Specialist translations from German into English – the right language for your customers


Rapid Communication Translations translates a wide range of documents from German into all variants of the English language. These include:

  • Websites and presentations
  • Press releases
  • Trade articles and customer magazines
  • All kinds of advertising copy
  • Annual business reports
  • Product specifications and operating manuals
  • Book projects and travel guides.

Work already in English is given that vital final polish. In my many years working as a translator I’ve built up a considerable amount of expert knowledge on various subjects which is recorded in customer-specific glossaries. Where prudent (for example with technical texts) I use a professional database translation environment that is tailored to the individual client and enables price reductions for repeated segments of text to be given.

My current specialist fields are:

  • Advertising, PR and marketing
  • Technology: here specifically automation technology, microelectronics, renewable energies, etc.
  • Industry: here specifically engineering systems, beverage and food filling technology, packaging equipment, etc.
  • Tourism, localisation and travel journalism
  • Nature conservation, sustainability, recycling and other environmental issues
  • Art, architecture and art history
  • Castles
  • History
  • Music history, theory and practice
  • Typography and the history of printing.

I also work in many less specialised areas and always think with my customers when processing a job. I want to understand your text and your work; only then can I translate your written messages clearly, accurately and stylishly into English.

If your specialist field doesn’t appear to be on my list, please get in touch! New topics are a welcome challenge for me and an opportunity to engage in some in-depth research. I also have a network of expert colleagues on hand to help out if needs be. I work with a standard line of 50 characters and offer a fair price. Editing services are charged by the hour. I’d be more than happy to make you an offer. Feel free to give me a call or send me an email here!