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Fachübersetzungen Deutsch–Englisch – die richtige (An)sprache für Ihre Kunden
Specialist translations from German into English – the right language for your customers


Hi! I’m Ruth Chitty, a British ex-pat with a German passport, and I’ve been running Rapid Communication Translations as its expert translator and managing director since 1995. After obtaining a BA Hons. in German Studies and Music from the University of Birmingham, England, in 1990 I moved to Germany where I’ve been living and working for 30 years. After a few years spent teaching and organising conferences, I set myself up as a freelance translator in 1995. Since then I’ve gained considerable experience in various specialist fields and built up an extensive range of expertise. What I particularly love about my job is the diversity of the material, bridging the gap between absolute precision and creative leeway, the chance to explore the world of knowledge and glean new information – and to learn something new every day.

However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! In my free time I therefore conduct two vocal groups, play in a jazz combo, knit bright and colourful socks and hike through the regions (and to the castles) of the Rhine, Moselle, Nahe, Hunsrück and Palatinate. This refuels my energies for the next interesting translation job – maybe from you?!